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Lilithdarkstorm Reviews

Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.

Wo are you?
My internet name is lilithdarkstorm, or just darkstorm, and I write reviews for video games, anime, manga and more.
In real life I'm Sarah, mid-20s from London, England and I work in television.

What do you review?
Mostly video games, anime and manga. I also write the occasional J-pop CD, film or TV series review, but I specialise in video games and Japanese animation/comics.

What kinds of games/anime/books/etc do you review?
As the anime website I work for provides DVD preview copies of many genres I've written for several; including magical girl and yaoi. For videos games I tend to stick with my favourite genres; RPG, platform and survival horror. I'm also partial to beat-em-ups and hack 'n slash but only occasionally and it's dependent on franchise. My music tastes vary from J-pop to German industrial. Books I tend to stick with manga and supernatural fiction, but I know I should read more often and more of a variety.

Do you get paid to write reviews?
No. I do get review copies of anime and the occasional game but it's all purely out of the love for the medium and writing.

Do you write for other sites?
Yes, several. I'm one of the 7 reviewers on Anime UK News, I post all my video game reviews on GameFAQs, and Amazon UK but I don't post on their regularly, mostly smaller reviews. I used to write for the website NeoBlu but that site is now shut down.

Can I leave a comment on your review?
Of course, I welcome all feedback.

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